Download NTSE OMR Sheet 2024 PDF for Stage 1 and Stage 2

Students looking for a sample copy of NTSE OMR Sheet 2024 stage 1 and stage 2, must know that OMR sheet is provided by some states only. Generally, the NTSE exam OMR Sheet for all states remains similar. So, they can refer to other states NTSE 2024 OMR sheet pdf too.

We have provided a guide to fill NTSE OMR sheet 2024, by following which they can fill the CBSE OMR. Along with this, we provide NTSE OMR sheet pdf download link for stage 1 and stage 2.

NTSE OMR Sheet Featured Image

Students should take a printout of the NTSE OMR 2024 and do practice with it. NTSE OMR sheet looks like as NMMS omr sheet which students filled in Class 8 NMMS exam.

How to Fill NTSE OMR Sheet 2024?

Students can fill their Class 10 NTSE OMR 2024 sheet by following the instructions given on the OMR sheet.

OMR NameDownload Link
NTSE Stage 1 Karnataka OMR SheetClick here
NTSE Stage 2 OMR Sheet (MAT+SAT)Click here

Below, we have provided the guide to fill roll number and answers in NTSE OMR sheet 2024. Also download UPSC OMR sheet pdf.

Filling Roll Number in NTSE OMR sheet 2024

  • Carefully enter one digit of roll number in each box, followed by the next digit.
  • Then darken the circle of the respective digit. If any student fills roll number wrong, then his/her OMR sheet may be disqualified and his/her omr sheet may be disqualified.

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We have provided a sample image to fill roll number NTSE OMR sheet 2024

Filling Roll Number in NTSE OMR sheet

Filling of Answers in NTSE OMR Sheet 2024

  • Go to the row of question. If you want to answer question number 10, then go to row number 10.
  • If its answer is ‘B‘ then darken the B circle. NDA OMR sheet

Here is the sample to fill answers in NTSE 2024 OMR Sheet

Filling of Answers in NTSE OMR Sheet 2021

Also, check

Below is the full image of NTSE OMR Sheet for MAT

NMMS OMR Sheet Sample Image

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