CA Salary in India (Chartered Accountant Starting Salary Per Month & Per Year

CA Salary in India – The Job of a Chartered Accountant is very important for the working of the society. For any industry to work smoothly, the need for a Chartered Accountant is there and for the same reason, many people are coming up to pursue the CA course and make it their profession. Thus, it is necessary to know what is the CA Salary in India. 

The basic roles of CA in a company or otherwise is to conduct audits, tax filing and proposing different business strategies which can be helpful for the company in terms of finance. The CA Salary in India can start from 5 lakh per annum. Based on the experience of the person and the scale of the company, the CA Salary in India can go as high as 80-85 lakh per annum.

Average CA Salary in India

To pursue the degree of CA, after completing 12th class of equivalent, students can pursue their degree from several CA colleges of our country. They can get admissions in these colleges by clearing various CA Entrance Exams. After completing their degree, initially the CA Salary in India is around 5 lakh per annum.

However, if the student has pursued his/her degree from a renowned college, many big firms like Deloitte, Google, TCS etc. can hire them which offer them around 20-25 lakh per annum.

As the experience of the person increases, the CA Salary in India goes as high as 80 lakh per annum which is a very good package in our country.

City Wise CA Salary in India

The CA Salary in India can also depend on the city in which the person is working. The average CA Salary in India is generally higher in metropolitan cities as compared to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Below given is the average CA Salary in India in different cities:

CitiesAverage CA Salary in India
Mumbai12 LPA
Bangalore9 LPA
Chennai8.5 LPA
Gurugram10 LPA
Pune 6 LPA
Delhi7 LPA
Guwahati6 LPA

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CA Salary in India in Different Companies

As there are many MNCs working in our country, there are a lot of opportunities for CAs to work for such big companies. Many times, these companies offer on campus placements to the students who are pursuing their degree in a renowned college. However, people can apply in these companies directly as well.

Below given is the list of some of the big companies along with the CA Salary which they offer:

CompaniesAverage CA Salary in India
Deloitte15 to 35 LPA
KPMG15 to 32 LPA
PWC14 to 32 LPA
Google12 to 22 LPA
TCS10 to 23 LPA
Ernst and Young12 to 15 LPA

Sector wise CA Salary in India

Along with many private organisations, CAs work in several Public Sector companies as well which offer them a great starting package. Based on different working sectors of CA, the table is given below which contains CA Salary in India of people working in different sectors:

Private Sector CA Salary in India

OrganisationCA Salary in India
Reliance Industries7 to 9 LPA
ICICI Bank6 to 8 LPA
PWC14 to 32 LPA
TCS 10 to 23 LPA

Public Sector CA Salary in India

OrganisationCA Salary in India
State Bank Of India7 to 18 LPA
Ministry of Finance6 to 15 LPA
GAIL7 to 17 LPA
SAIL6 to 15 LPA

CA Salary in India with Experience

With increasing experience in the field of CA, the CA Salary in India can change many folds. Below given is a general trend of average CA Salary in India of a person with different experience:

Years of ExperienceAverage CA Salary in India
0 to 5 years7 LPA
5 to 10 years12 LPA
10 to 15 years20 LPA
15 to 20 years25 LPA
More than 20 years35 + LPA

Designation Wise CA Salary in India

Below given is the variation of CA Salary in India with the designation for which the person is recruited:

DesingationAverage CA Salary in India
Account Executive25 LPA
Finance Controller19 LPA
Accountant25 LPA
Finance Manager10 LPA
Financial Analyst17 LPA
Assistant Account Manager5 LPA
Senior Account Executive4.5 LPA
Business Analyst4 LPA

Roles of CA

Below given are some of the roles and duties of a CA in an organisation:

  • Preparing Company’s Financial Statements 
  • Filing the Tax returns
  • Preparing Business Strategies for finance sector
  • Performing Audits
  • Supervise the finance department of the organisation
  • Reduce the financial risk for the company

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FAQs Related to CA Starting Salary per Month

  1. What are the options of Public Sector Jobs for a CA?

    If a CA wants to work in the Public Sector, then he/she can work for either The State of India, Ministry of Finance, SAIL, GAIL etc. These are some of the organisations which provide good CA Salary in India.

  2. Can a CA be self employed?

    Yes, If a CA does not want to work for a firm, he/she can work as a freelancer for different people and organisations. This way, they will be free to work for anyone and as soon as they want, they can join any firm on a full time basis.

  3. What is the average CA Salary in India in the banking sector?

    Banking Sector is a very good option for CAs to work, the private sector banks can provide an average CA Salary of 8 to 10 LPA, whereas the public sector banks can offer a Salary of 6 to 8 LPA.