NEET Analysis 2024 (UG): Difficulty Level of Paper, NEET 2024 Exam Analysis

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is the largest medical examination conducted in India by National Testing Agency (NTA). The difficulty level is said to be moderate to tough. The NEET analysis 2024 is a lot similar to the NEET 2023 analysis.

The Physics subject is said to be the toughest section whereas Biology has been named as the easiest section. Every question in the NEET exam is asked according to the NEET syllabus and NCERT only. It makes the NEET exam for students a lot easier and more manageable. According to the students, a lot of the questions are expected to be from class XII chapters and topics.

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In this article, candidates can refer to the NEET analysis 2024 and find the section-wise distribution of the questions in the exam analysis of NEET. This NEET paper analysis will help the candidates prepare a strong strategy for the upcoming NEET UG exam 2024. Continue reading the article below for a detailed NEET analysis of 2024.

NEET Exam Analysis 2024

According to the students and the experts, the NEET exam 2024 was moderate to difficult. The Physics was a bit lengthy yet easy to moderate, whereas, the difficulty level of Chemistry was moderate. Zoology and Botany are said to be the easiest sections of the NEET 2024 Question paper.  

  • The NEET exam 2024 had a total of 200 questions out of which only 180 were to be attempted, as per NEET Exam Pattern 2024
  • The total mark for the NEET exam 2024 is 720 with 180 marks for each question with a total time of 200 minutes. 
  • The NEET 2024 exam centre are present in 543 Indian cities with 14 cities abroad. 
  • The NEET exam is conducted in 13 languages, i.e., English, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Marathi, Assamese, Gujarati, Tamil, Malayalam, Odiya, Kannada, Punjabi, and Telegu.

NEET UG Section-wise Analysis

The NEET UG section-wise 2024 analysis of each paper is given below. Candidates can look up the analysis of each paper below and get an idea of the same.

Analysis of NEET 2024 Chemistry Section

The table given below provides a topic-wise number of questions asked and the difficulty level of the same. Candidates can check it out below.

Topics Easy Difficult 
Organic Chemistry Class 1130
Organic Chemistry Class 1230
Inorganic Chemistry Class 1141
Inorganic Chemistry Class 1212
Physical Chemistry Class 1101
Physical Chemistry Class 12 32
Section A Analysis

Topics Easy Difficult 
Organic Chemistry Class 1110
Organic Chemistry Class 12 11
Inorganic Chemistry Class 11 00
Inorganic Chemistry Class 12 20
Physical Chemistry Class 1100
Physical Chemistry Class 12 11
Section B Analysis
  • The NEET chemistry section had a difficulty level that was easy to moderate.  
  • The majority of the questions were based on facts, statements, and tables from NCERT.
  • Exact questions without any changes were asked from NCERT.
  • Section A consists of assertion reason questions. To answer them the candidates should have good conceptual clarity.
  • There were numerical questions most of which were theory-based. 
  • Highest weightage chapters – Solutions, Mole concepts, Chemical Bonding, and Electrochemistry. 

Analysis of NEET 2024 Physics Section 

In the table given below we have provided the topics and their difficulty levels. The NEET UG 2024 Physics paper analysis is as follows.

Section A

Topics Easy Difficult 
Mechanics 80
Heat 10
SHM and Waves 10
Electro-dynamics 41
Optics 40
Modern and electronics 40

Section B

Topics Easy Difficult 
Mechanics 20
Heat 10
SHM and waves 00
Electro-dynamics 31
Optics 10
Modern and electronics 11
  • The Physics section was one of the difficult sections.
  • The questions were mostly formula-based.
  • Around 4-5 questions were tricky in nature. 
  • The questions were lengthy in nature and very time-consuming. 
  • The sections covered in most of the questions were NCERT based. 
  • Highest weightage chapters – electricity, Modern Physics, and Mechanics consisted of 65% of the paper.

Analysis of NEET 2024 Botany Section 

The table given below provides the topics as well as the number of questions asked from each topic in the Botany section. The NEET 2024 Botany question paper analysis is as follows.

Topics Number of questions 
Plant kingdom 3
Morphology of Flowering Plants3
Anatomy of Flowering Plants3
Cell: The Unit of Life1
Cell Cycle & Cell Division2
Mineral Nutrition2
Photosynthesis in Higher Plants3
Respiration in Plants2
Plant Growth & Development3
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants3
Principles of Inheritance and Variation4
Molecular Basis of Inheritance4
Biotechnology: Principles and Processes3
Biotechnology and Its Applications1
Organism and Population2
Biodiversity and Conservation2
Environmental Issues2
  • The level of difficulty of the Botany section was from moderate to difficult. 
  • Some questions were tricky and challenging. 
  • Some questions were from the NCERT book as it is. 
  • Most of the questions were factual while the others were concept-based. 
  • Two questions were not correct.
  • The Biomolecule and Biotechnology questions were out of the NCERT book.
  • The papers were lengthy and time-consuming.
  • Highest weightage chapters – Plant Physiology, Plant Kingdom, Biotechnology, and Biomolecules. 

Analysis of NEET 2024 Zoology Section

The Zoology analysis is given in the table below. The table provides the number of questions asked for each topic. 

Topics Number of questions 
Animal Kingdom2
Structural Organisation in Animals (Animal Tissue)3
Digestion and Absorption (Digestive System)2
Breathing and Exchange of Gases (Respiratory System)2
Body Fluids And Circulation (Circulatory System2
Excretory Products And Their Elimination (Excretory System)1
Locomotion And Movement (Muscles, Skeletal System)2
Neural Control And Co-ordination (Nervous System, Sensory Organs)1
Chemical Co-ordination and Integration (Endocrine System2
Human Reproduction3
Reproductive Health2
Origin and Evolution2
Human Health and Disease2
Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production1
Microbes in Human Welfare1
The Living World1
Biological Classification3


  • The difficulty level of the Zoology section was Moderate. 
  • The zoology section was quite a lengthy section.
  • Some questions were complex and required clarity of the basis. 
  • Most of the questions were NCERT based. 
  • The biotechnology chapters had only eight questions. 
  • Highest weightage chapters – Human Physiology, Molecular Basis of Inheritance, and Tissue.

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FAQs related to NEET Analysis 2024

  1. Is NCERT enough to study for the NEET preparations?

    It’s almost enough but the candidates should prepare from other books as well.

  2. What is the difficulty level of NEET 2024 compared to 2023?

    The difficulty level of NEET 2024 is moderate to tough as compared to 2023. 

  3. What is the toughest section of the NEET exam?

    The toughest section of the NEET exam is Physics. 

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