West Bengal Madhyamik Syllabus 2024 PDF ⁃ Know How To Download

West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE) has released West Bengal Syllabus 2024 Class 10th on their official website. WBBSE provides the WB Madhyamik syllabus 2024 West Bengal through official website, wbbse.wb.gov.in.

WBBSE Syllabus 2024 comprises important topics and sub-topics which need to be prepared. Students must cover the entire West Bengal Madhyamik Syllabus 2024 at least a month before the exam date given in WBBSE routine 2025 and revise the topics in the rest time.

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Students can visit the official website to download the West Bengal Class 10th Syllabus 2024. It will also help students to understand the Exam pattern and marking scheme. This article provides subject-wise West Bengal Madhyamik Syllabus 2024 details and steps to download it.

How to download West Bengal Madhyamik Syllabus 2024?

Students can visit the official website to download the West Bengal Class 10th Syllabus 2024. Below, we have given easy steps to download West Bengal Syllabus Class 10th 2024.

  1. First of all, visit the official website: wbbse.wb.gov.in.
  2. Click on the link of WBBSE Syllabus 2024 PDF.
  3. Subject-wise syllabus links will appear on screen.
  4. Choose the subject and click on the download button.
  5. Download the Pdf file of WB 10th Syllabus 2024 West Bengal Board and save it for further use.

WB Madhyamik Syllabus 2024 PDF Download

Below, is the direct link to download the West Bengal Board 10th syllabus 2024 PDF which includes chapters and topics that are included in examination of 2024 year.
Download Link: Click here to get PDF.

Subjects Included in West Bengal Class 10 Syllabus 2024

WBBSE Madhyamik Syllabus 2024 includes a total of 7 subjects and dates of these subjects is mentioned in the WB Madhyamik admit card 2024. Check the list of subjects below: 

  • First language
  • Second language
  • History
  • Geography
  • Physical Science
  • Life Science
  • Mathematics.

West Bengal Syllabus Class 10th 2024 Highlights

Name of the ExamWest Bengal Madhyamik Exam 2024
Conducted byThe West Bengal Board of Secondary Education
CategoryWest Bengal Madhyamik Syllabus 2024
Official Websitewbbse.wb.gov.in

West Bengal Madhyamik Syllabus 2024 subject-wise

Below, we have provided subject-wise details of WB Madhyamik Syllabus 2024 West Bengal. Students can go through the following sections to get the full details.

WBBSE Syllabus 2024 for English

  • Prose
  • Poetry
  • Poetry
  • Grammar and Rhetoric
  • Writing

WBBSE Syllabus 2024 for Math

  • Quadratic Equation with one variable
  • Simple Interest
  • Theorems related to a Circle
  • Parallelepiped or Cuboid
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Compound Interest up to 03 years and uniform rate of increase or decrease
  • Theorems related to cyclic quadrilateral
  • Theorems related to Tangent to a Circle
  • Construction: Circumcircle & incircle of a triangle, tangent to a circle
  • Theorems related to angle in a Circle
  • Right Circular Cylinder
  • Quadratic Surd
  • Sphere
  • Variation
  • Partnership Business
  • Right Circular Cone
  • Similarity

WBBSE Syllabus 2024 for Physical science

  • Concerns about Our Environment
  • Behavior of Gasses
  • Chemical Calculations
  • Light
  • Current Electricity
  • Periodic Table & Periodicity of the Properties of Elements
  • Ionic & Covalent Bonding
  • Electricity and Chemical Reactions

WBBSE Syllabus 2024 for life science and environment

  • Control and Coordination in living organisms
  • Continuity of life
  • Heredity and some common genetic diseases
  • Evolution and adaptation

WBBSE Syllabus 2024 for History

  • Expansion of British empire in India
  • British raj-colonial impact on Indian economy
  • Protest, resistance and uprisings during the first century of British rule
  • The genesis of Indian nationalism
  • European background of 19th-century nationalism in India
  • Main stages of the national movement in India in the decades 1930-1940 A.D
  • Imperialism and the background of first world war
  • Constitution of independent India
  • Search for peace in the post-world war

West Bengal Madhyamik Syllabus 2024 Marking scheme

West Bengal Madhyamik Exam carries 100 marks for each subject. Below, we have tabulated the marking scheme for West Bengal Madhyamik 2024. This division system is used in the marksheet of WBBSE result 2024 Class 10 as per students’ marks.

First division480
Second division360
Third division272
WB Madhyamik Marking Scheme 2024

Preparation tips for West Bengal Madhyamik 2024 Exam

It is very important for all the students to prepare well for the West Bengal Madhyamik 2024 Exam. We have given some useful tips to cover the West Bengal Madhyamik Syllabus 2024.

  • Students should make a proper timetable for the study which includes all the subjects.
  • Make notes of important topics and subtopics.
  • Solve last year’s WB 10th question papers and follow the tips of their seniors and WB Madhyamik topper 2024.
  • Include some daily activities in your routine to keep your mind fresh.
  • Clear all your doubts with your teacher and senior before the exam.

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FAQs Related to West Bengal Madhyamik 2024 Syllabus

Is there any change in WB Madhyamik syllabus 2024 West Bengal?

Yes, there are major changes in the West Bengal board 10th syllabus 2022. It has been reduced by 30-35% due to COVID-19 pandemic. The latest syllabus PDF file is available here.

How can I download WBSEB Syllabus 2024?

West Bengal Syllabus 2024 Class 10th can be downloaded from the official website and through the link given in this page.

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