JEE Main Weightage 2025 for Physics, Chemistry, Maths with Syllabus (Chapter-wise)

JEE Main Weightage is an integral part of the exam preparations. Weightage is something that cannot be ignored and the students should pay interest on it. Also, the JEE Mains exam weightage is a lot more extensive, which encompasses the Physics, Chemistry, and Maths subjects. 

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Physics subjects contains a weightage of around 100 marks in paper 1 of JEE Main exam, as per previous year trends. Similar weightage of 100 marks each to Chemistry and Maths is given in paper 1, as per JEE Main 2025 weightage. Paper 2 JEE Main weightage is almost as same as Paper 1. 

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JEE Mains Weightage Chapter wise 2025

Many applicants do not have enough time to finish the JEE Main 2025 syllabus, so knowing the appropriate JEE Mains weightage 2025 can be a lot helpful for the students.

They can find subject-wise JEE Main weightage 2025 in the following sections, which are given as per previous year trends and JEE Main paper pattern 2025. However, there may be some variations in the JEE Main weightage of 2025 exam which will be provided by subject matter experts, once the exam is conducted.

Physics Weightage in JEE Mains 2025

Physics JEE Mains weightage is tabulated below, along with number of questions and marks of JEE Main Important chapters:

TopicsNo of QuestionsMarks
Modern Physics520
Heat and Thermodynamics312
Current Electricity312
Unit, Dimension and Vector14
Laws of motion14
Work, Power and Energy14
Centre Of Mass, Impulse and Momentum14
Simple Harmonic Motion14
Solids and Fluids14
Electromagnetics Induction; AC14
Expected JEE Main weightage 2025 for Physics

Chemistry weightage in JEE Mains

JEE Mains 2025 syllabus with weightage for chemistry is given below along with number of questions and marks:

TopicsNo of QuestionsMarks
Transition Elements and Coordination Chemistry312
Periodic table and Representative Elements312
Thermodynamics And Gaseous State28
Atomic Structure28
Chemical Bonding28
Chemical And Ionic Equilibrium28
Solid State And Surface Chemistry28
Nuclear Chemistry And Environment28
Mole Concept14
Redox Reaction14
Chemical Kinetics14
Solution and Colligative Properties14
General Organic Chemistry14
Alkyl Halides14
Carboxylic Acid and their Derivatives14
Carbohydrates, amino acid, and Polymers14
Aromatic Compounds14
Expected JEE Main weightage 2025 for Chemistry

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Mathematics Physics weightage in JEE Mains 

Physics JEE Main weightage 2025 for each chapter is tabulated below, along with number of questions and marks:

TopicsNo of QuestionsMarks
Coordinate Geometry520
Limits, Continuity and Differentiability312
Integral Calculus312
Complex numbers and Quadratic Equation28
Matrices and Determinants28
Statistics and Probability28
Three Dimensional Geometry28
Vector Algebra28
Sets, Relation, and Function14
Permutations and Combinations14
Binomial Theorem and Its Application14
Sequences and Series14
Mathematical Reasoning14
Differential Equation14
Statics and Dynamics14
Differential Calculus14
Expected JEE Mains weightage 2025 for Maths

This time might come in most of the students’ JEE Main preparation when the students wish to know the weightage of each chapter in the JEE Main test, this can be either for revision purposes or for practicing additional questions from these chapters to score well.

Also, the candidates would be able to identify the relevant subjects and chapters for JEE Main by understanding the chapter-wise weightage.

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FAQ Related to JEE Mains 2025 syllabus with weightage

  1. What are the most important topics of Physics for the JEE Mains exam?

    Physics is an important topics of JEE mains exam also Modern Physics, Heat, and Thermodynamics, Optics, Current Electricity, Electrostatics, Magnetics, Laws of Motion, Work, Power and Energy, and Waves are the most significant topics in Physics for JEE Mains. These topics are considered important as per the previous year’s question papers of the JEE Mains exam.

  2. How much questions can be asked from Coordinate Geometry?

    It is expected that around 5 questions can be asked in JEE Main from Coordinate Geometry chapter.

  3. What is the JEE Main weightage for chemistry subject?

    The chemistry section of JEE Main carries a weightage of around 100 marks in total.

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