NEET Dress Code 2024 for Male & Female ‣ What is allowed & Not Allowed to Wear?

The National Testing Agency will be conducting NEET entrance exam on May 5, 2024 for medical aspirants. NTA has also proposed a specific NEET Dress Code 2024 for the candidates appearing for national level medical exam of NEET.

Students can check the NEET Dress Code 2024 details on the brochure, which mentions the particular NEET Dress Code 2024 for male and female candidates.

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Candidates must take note that just like any other rule, the NEET Dress Code 2024 will also be a mandatory thing to follow. Don’t forget to keep masks and gloves with you as they are major items that are included in the NEET Dress Code 2024, ever since COVID-19 struck the world. Read ahead to know the Dress Code of NEET that you should follow.

NEET Dress Code 2024

The National Testing Agency has laid down a specific NEET Dress Code 2024 for male and female candidates which is mandatory to follow. Those candidates who wish to appear for the exam in the customary dress can check the special guidelines by NTA and other guidelines given on NEET 2024 admit card.

NEET Dress Code 2024 For Boys

  • Candidates should wear a shirt or t-shirt with half sleeves.
  • Avoid wearing dresses with zip pockets, and big buttons while appearing for NEET 2024.
  • Remember kurta pyjamas are not allowed at the examination hall.
  • Wear sandals or chappals to the exam hall, as shoes are strictly prohibited.
  • Keep a mask and gloves with you when you appear for the NEET 2024 entrance exam.

NEET Dress Code 2024 For Girls

  • Females should avoid wearing dresses with elaborate embroidery, buttons, and other things. Such kind of dresses are allowed for NEET examination.
  • Candidates should not wear the dress with full sleeves as it is also not allowed in the examination.
  • Female candidates are advised to avoid wearing jeans, as the ones with pockets are not allowed.
  • Wearing leggings and palazzos for the is also prohibited.
  • Avoid wearing shoes and high heels, instead, you can opt for sandals and slippers.
  • It is advisable to avoid wearing jewellery and other accessories, as they can create a problem during the metal detector checking.
  • The most essential thing is to wear your mask and gloves as you visit the exam centre to appear for NEET 2024.

Customary NEET Dress Code 2024 

Those candidates who preach a certain religion and need to wear customary items should follow a specific NEET Dress Code 2024. According to the order of the Delhi High Court, those candidates who belong to Sikhism can carry their traditional things then, which include kara, Kirpan, and so on.  Those female candidates belonging to the Muslim community are permitted to wear the burka.

The candidates belonging to a specific community looking to wear customary dress need to specify this during the time of NEET apply online as they have asked you to mark whether you wish to wear the customary NEET Dress Code 2024.

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Items Not Allowed at NEET 2024 Examination Center

Make sure that other than following a particular NEET Dress Code 2024, candidates should not carry specific items to the NEET 2024 exam centre.

  • Electronic items like pen drives, mobile phones, smart watches, earphones, etc are prohibited.
  • Eatables are not allowed at the examination hall; only the candidates having diabetes or other severe medical condition can carry eatables with them.
  • Candidates are prohibited from carrying stationery items with them.
  • Personal items like wallets, ornaments, and other things are not allowed to be carried in the examination hall.

Things Allowed At NEET 2024 Exam Hall

  • Remember not to forget your admit card, as it is a mandatory item to be carried to the exam hall.
  • You should keep your ID with you when you wish to appear for NEET 2024.
  • Candidates appearing for the exam need to carry a passport size photo with them.
  • Keep your proforma with you when you appear at the exam hall. You need to paste a coloured picture on it. 

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FAQs Related to NEET Dress Code 2024

  1. Can I wear leggings to the exam centre?

    Female candidates are not allowed to wear leggings for the NEET 2024 exam.

  2. Am I allowed to enter the exam hall without a mask?

    To ensure the safety of candidates, NTA has prohibited the entry of candidates without a mask to the exam. So, remember to keep your mask with you.

  3. Is a turban allowed for the NEET 2024?

    Under the customary NEET Dress Code 2024 guidelines, students are allowed to wear turban.

  4. Can I wear ornaments?

    To avoid last-minute hassle and get exempted from the issue of metal detectors, candidates should avoid wearing ornaments.

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