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NEET is one of the toughest exams to crack. If you want to ace the NEET 2025 exam, you need to diligently follow your NEET 2025 study plan. Before you start preparing, know your NEET 2025 syllabus. It might look long to begin with, but when you start learning it by covering topics and chapters, it becomes easier.

Subject-wise Study Plan for NEET 2025

The subject-wise NEET study plan 2025 is given below for Class 11 and 12 students.

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NEET Study Plan for Physics

  • Start reading NCERT physics books for basics and then refer to books like H.C. Verma. 
  • Practice a lot of questions. Solve conceptual problems. 
  • Be careful about the signs and the units while solving problems. Avoid mistakes.

NEET Study Plan for Chemistry 

  • Focus on understanding the fundamental concept to memorize other stuff.
  • Read your NCERT textbooks for inorganic chemistry.
  • For Organic chemistry, understand mechanism, exception and named reactions. In Physical chemistry, write down all equations for speedy reference while solving problems.

NEET Study Plan for Biology 

  • Read your NCERT textbook and learn diagrams, data, vocabulary, processes, concept summaries, and other scientific research to clear your basic concepts.
  • For extra knowledge, refer to the books mentioned in the table.
  • Keep revising for better understanding.

NEET 2025 Study Plan in Class 12th 

Start preparing early, if you want to crack the NEET exam. Begin your preparation while you’re in class 12th. If there are backlogs of class 11th, do complete them first and then, start preparing for class 12th. To complete your backlogs, don’t miss your current topics.

NEET Study Plan 2025 – Tips for Preparation

  • Consistency is the key to success. Study for equal hours every day giving importance to each subject i.e. chemistry, biology, and physics. Make a timetable for NEET exam preparation.
  • Decide your study time and don’t miss it for anything else. It’s easy to make a NEET study plan for 2025 but difficult to follow it.
  • You should have all the study materials related to NEET preparation. NCERT is a must.
  • Visualize things. Draw diagrams. Make things easier and simple to learn.
  • You should have good theoretical knowledge. It helps you solve the question easily.
  • Look for shortcuts. It will help you with time management.
  • If you have any problem, save your time and energy by contacting your subject teacher or your NEET tutor.
  • After filling NEET registration 2025 form, start with a chapter wise test and then with a full paper test completing it in time boundation. 
  • Make a note of your mistakes and rectify them.
  • Avoid spending time on social media.
  • Never feel under confident if you aren’t able to solve a problem.
  • Keep revising whatever you are learning.
  • Sleep well and eat on time. 

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Best Books for NEET 2025 

While preparing for entrance exams, we do refer to books outside our course for better performance whether they are recommended by school teachers or tutors. Here is the list of books for NEET 2025 that might help you ace your NEET 2025 study plan on time.

Book NameAuthor
NCERT of class XI and XIINCERT
Trueman’s Objective Biology for NEET- Vol. I & llTrueman Publication
MTG Objective NCERT at your fingertips – BiologyMTG Editorial Board
Concepts of PhysicsH. C. Verma
NCERT Physics textbooksNCERT
D C Pandey Objective Physics for NEETD C Pandey
NCERT Chemistry textbooksNCERT
GRB a Textbook of Physical Chemistry for NEETO. P. Tandon
Elementary Problem in Organic Chemistry for NEETM. S. Chauhan

Mistakes to Avoid in your NEET 2025 Study Plan 

  • Neglecting NCERT: NCERT is a must. Don’t just rely on reference books.
  • Leaving topics contemplating them as irrelevant: Most of the time the topic you consider irrelevant do come in the exam. Never leave any topic considering them as irrelevant.
  • Delaying your doubts: Never delay your doubts for last minute clarification. As you might forget to clarify them.
  • Demoralized because of low scores: Don’t get disappointed with your low score in NEET practice paper 2025 as you have just started practicing it now.
  • Distracted by social media: It’s better to deactivate or log out from your social media, it might be a distraction for you.

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FAQs Related to NEET Study Plan 2025

  1. How to manage NEET 2025 preparation with board exams?

    NEET syllabus covers mostly 11th and 12th class topics. You are preparing for both directly or indirectly.

  2. Will there be any change in NEET 2025 syllabus and exam pattern?

    Yes, there are changes in the syllabus. But NEET 2025 exam pattern remains the same as it is in 2023.

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