Download TNPSC OMR Sheet 2024 Sample PDF Here

TNPSC OMR Sheet 2024 PDF – The Board of Education has released the sample of TNPSC OMR Sheet PDF 2024. The omr sheet 2024 may have 5 boxes to answer each question. Students will have to darken the circle for the correct option. 

TNPSC OMR Sheet 2024 PDF Download

Students will receive the TNPSC OMR sheet 2024 during the exam. The papers will have objective type questions. There will be 200 questions in the TNPSC exam. So, candidates can use the TNPSC sample OMR sheet for practicing with questions.

TNPSC OMR Sheet Featured Image

Download Link: Click here to download the sample of Tamil Nadu PSC OMR Sheet 2024.

How to fill in the TNPSC OMR sheet 2024? 

  • First of all students should remember one thing before filling the OMR sheet, that these sheets are evaluated by computer software. It is very sensitive software, which only reads perfectly when a sheet is filled black colour bubbles. It is enabled to read any scratches or any massive info on the OMR sheet.
  • Particular spaces or boxes are provided in the OMR sheet in order to fill the required information such as, Roll number, Test Booklet No, Test Booklet Code. 
  • Moreover students will not be allowed to write any extra details and don’t make any specific sign or symbol. This will lead to rejection of the OMR sheet.
  • There will be different spaces for writing candidates’ names, Father/Mother names.
  • Most importantly, don’t fill more than one option for any of the questions as you know there is only one answer for a question.
  • Candidates will need to sign with the time in the declaration columns.
  • The only English language will be considered as the final version, in case of any discrepancy.
  • Use only the Blue/Blackball Ballpoint pen to darken the appropriate circle.

What if candidates marked the wrong answer in the TNPSC OMR sheet 2024?

If any student has filled in the answer incorrectly for any question and they think that the correct answer is any other option, then he/she will not be able to change answer in TNPSC OMR sheet 2024. So mark your answers carefully.

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FAQs Related to TNPSC OMR Sheet 2024

  1. Who will design the TNPSC 2024 OMR sheet?

    TNPSC board officials design the TNPSC exam OMR sheet along with question papers.

  2. Can students obtain a photocopy of the TNPSC OMR sheet after exams?

    Yes, the board provides the facility to obtain a photocopy of the TNPSC answer sheet and OMR sheet after the release of results.

  3. How many options will there be in TNPSC OMR sheet term 1?

    There will be four options in the TNPSC exam OMR sheet 2024 such as A, B, C, D.

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